My Body of Change

Boot Camp

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My Body of Change Boot Camp is a four-week fitness program that offers work out instruction, dietary information, and tons of motivation. The workouts vary daily, making your my Body of Change Boot Camp experience fun and inspiring. Our Certified trainers will lead you through challenging yet exciting workouts at your own pace. Beginners will not work harder than they are safely able to, and more advanced students will still be challenged. Each day will be more challenging than the previous, ensuring results.

Upon completion of the four-week program, you will:

  • Reduce your body fat by 3-5%
  • Have improved posture
  • Be more able to relax
  • Lose 5-12 lbs. overall
  • See a 1-3 inch loss in your midsection
  • Have a 25% gain in your strength and endurance
  • Have a 100% improvement in your self-confidence!

And it’s all for $299 for 20 hours of training. That breaks down to only $14.95 per hour, which is a lot less than many personal trainers charge. My Body of Change Boot Camp is a great opportunity for everyone to work with a certified personal trainer and gain nutritional advice at a fraction of the cost.

Activities such as core strengthening, short runs (less than one mile), strength training, jump rope, circuit training, kick boxing, Pilates, sport drills, obstacle courses, and more will keep you motivated and challenged Monday through Friday mornings.